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About The Red Dragon School of Martial Arts in Blasdell, NY

Meet Robert Gott

Owner and Chief Instructor at
The Red Dragon School of Martial Arts in Blasdell
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The Red Dragon School of Martial Arts is dedicated to providing a safe and family-fun martial arts experience for students of all ages. It was founded inside the McKinley Mall in 2001 by Sifu Robert A. Gott. While the mall managers were hesitant at first about the idea, saying that it had never been done before, that’s exactly why Sifu Gott felt that it would work.

With the help and support of all of our students, customers, family and friends, the school become an important part of the community. Like a community center, the school is utilized from early morning until late at night.

We are proud to contribute to the health and wellness of the many families we serve. After all these years, we are still very excited to see the steady growth and direction the school is going and look forward to being a part of this community for a long time to come.

The Red Dragon School of Martial Arts specializes in martial arts for both kids and adults and includes teaching the values of respect, concentration, self-discipline and perseverance. Starting your child off on the right foot at an early age helps to ensure their success in school and in life. Is YOUR child ready for martial arts and life success?

We are a family-friendly school with a strong focus on kids. We’re also a fitness-oriented and self -defense martial arts school with an emphasis on effective punches, kicks, sweeps, throws and ground defense. But most importantly, we’re all about learning in FUN ways! Because if it’s not fun for kids (or adults), what’s the point?  

If you’re looking for a top-rated martial arts program that emphasizes character development, exceptional social skills and fantastic fitness habits, you found it!

Your child will be taught that parents and teachers are in charge and those in authority will be respected. The instructors emphasize correct behavior, a positive attitude and never misusing any martial art technique.

We always encourage your child to do their very best at everything. Co-operating at home is expected and taught as part of becoming a Black Belt.

Martial arts classes for kids and adults will not only keep everyone engaged, educated and entertained, but also:

  • Teach you self-defense skills and develop inner qualities that will make you stand out from others.
  • Show you how to stand-up for yourself, become bully-proof and be confident in any situation – good or bad.
  • Provide a ton of fun and good times with all the new friends you’ll instantly make.

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You’ll Love the Variety of Classes to Choose From. Whether you’re interested in our programs for physical fitness, to unwind and de-stress or to just learn something new and exciting, Red Dragon offers programs that will meet your needs, fitness level and goals.

Classes are safe and beneficial for your entire family. Who knew that learning kicks, blocks, punches, and footwork could be so FUN?  You’ll learn hand-eye coordination, and basic wrist, arm and shoulder grabs that will WOW your family and friends.

We have a dynamic curriculum that keeps our students engaged, motivated and constantly seeing improvement. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your child smile big when they feel they did a good job or got the hang of a new move.

We can 't wait to empower your potential and see how fast you grow with us! Come join our warm and welcoming martial arts family to experience the best prices, the most amazing staff, and have the most fun you’ve EVER had getting fit!

Head Instructor

Sifu Robert A. Gott was born, raised, and educated in the Buffalo area and has been training and teaching in this area for more than 35 years. He is the owner of the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts, where he teaches martial arts full-time.

Sifu Gott began his martial arts experience at age 15 and has studied many forms of martial arts including Judo, Kempo Karate, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Chen Style Tai Chi, Yang Style Tai Chi, Wu style Tai Chi, Wu/Hao Style Tai Chi, Sun Style Tai Chi and Fire Dragon Chi Kung.

His teachers include Master Ting Fong Wong, Master Norm Mandarino, Sifu James Fox, Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo, and Master Yang Jun, Master Chen Zhenglei, Master Wu Wenhan, Master Ma Hailong, and Master Sun Yongtian.

Sifu Gott has competed locally, nationally, and internationally and his most significant accomplishment is winning two gold and one silver medal at the last Yang Family Style Invitational Tournament held in Shangxi Province, China.

He is very proud and honored to be able to teach martial arts and provide a wonderful contribution to the health and well-being of the community.

Sifu Gott considers all students part of his extended family. In fact, the title “Sifu” means teacher father. He and his instructors believe it is their duty to try their best to teach those who are enthusiastic about learning Kung Fu. Ultimately, students and instructors will work together to achieve good health and skills and fully enjoy the Chinese martial arts.

How to Get Started

Come join our Blasdell, NY Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Summer Camp, Birthday Parties, Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, and Tai Chi. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (716) 822-0222 if you have any further questions. The Red Dragon School of Martial Arts hopes to speak with you soon!

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